Text Inflate Features

Text expander for Windows

Text Inflate

Speeding up typing the text with the help of the autoreplace feature

Replying to support requests, communicating with business partners or writing a source code? Text Inflate will help you anywhere where you need to type the same text over and over again.

Built-in Variables

Powerful tool for your templates

Built-in variables allow you to create text templates and insert data that is up-to-date at the moment of autoreplacement:

  • Date and time
  • Text from the clipboard
  • Cursor position at the place you need in the new text
  • Unique generated GUID

You will not have to remember all that, the editor will help you to easily select and insert the necessary entry.

Autoreplace Library

Comfortable to store and control

Text Inflate allows you to store all your autocorrection entries in groups and folders. The search and filter features will help you quickly find the necessary abbreviation and edit or delete it.

If you need to work with only a certain group of abbreviations you can disable any group in the process.

As soon as you edit the autoreplacement set or add a new phrase, it will be automatically available without any delay.

Available in Any Application

Create the most unbreakable passwords in a couple of clicks

Text Inflate automatically replaces text not only in text editors like Word or Writer. You can automatically replace text anywhere you need.

Command line interface: abbreviate a long command with parameters into a short entry.

E-mail exchange: create a message template with a reply, signature and date.

Helpdesk systems: Is the server down and you have to reply something like "Our Engineering team has..." so that people believe you? Create a reply and abbreviate it to a couple of characters.

Code editors: no need to configure snippets in each editor, they will already be functioning by default.

No Internet Connection


Text Inflate does not use access to the Internet for any purposes. 100% offile desktop application.

You need not worry with Text Inflate. Your data is not sent anywhere any way. Neither phrases, nor abbreviations, nor the text you type.