Text Inflate

Text Inflate

Text Expander for Windows

Have to type the same text over and over again? Text Inflate will help you speed up the process and make it easier. The application will automatically replace the necessary abbreviations when you enter text with full phrases and even text fragments.

Windows 11/10/8
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Text Inflate

Autoreplace abbreviations with full phrases

Automatically replaces previously specified abbreviations with full phrases with the possibility to insert dates and time in the necessary format, move the cursor and perform other functions allowing you to increase your performance.

Autoreplace library

Structured storage for your autoreplace entries where you can search for and disable text fragments that you do not use.

Built-in variables

Inserting the current date or text from the clipboard during the autoreplacement or moving the cursor to the necessary position.


The application runs completely autonomously. Text Inflate does not send any phrases, abbreviations or text you type.

Getting rid of the routine

It is so boring - typing the same text over and over again

It is not that it will be all fun with Text Inflate, but automating part of your work can make it faster and easier.

Text Inflate will be helpful for your support service, e-mail exchange with clients, writing source code and other areas where you have to type the same text over and over again.

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Windows 11/10/8


The trial version is limited by the number of entries. Experiment as much as you want.

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